Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tomorrow I Run

Tomorrow is the actual marathon. All my training is over. Tomorrow my body just takes over and does what it is supposed to do. Last night I put the names of those I am celebrating and remembering on my jersey. I celebrate - DANA MAZZARELLA, TYLER ALFRIEND and TALAT BUKARI that they are fighting to win everyday and that their win continues each day. I have more that I am remembering though. I will run in honor of their fight and their stuggle and most of all their memory to me and those that love and miss them each day - CATHY GREY, TOM KERLEY, JON WARDRIP, LOLA, AARON & LYNN GIOACCINNI.

While I am running I will be reminded that this isn't hard - fighting cancer - thats hard!

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anna said...

How did your run go?