Monday, September 21, 2009

My attempt to make Christmas more green

So after making the kids PJs last week, I had fabric left over and thought it would be cute to wrap the presents in the fabric. I thought that the wrapping needed to be useful, so I made them each a cinch sack backpack and put the PJs in those. I put a few other surprises in each bag. Christmas is awhile away...
PS - I don't make a good model for this, but you should have seen this little backpack try to fit on J's big shoulders. It was not good!

I can't make it for someone else...

...and not make it for my little one. So here are some things that I have made her.

A taggie blanket:
A diaper/wipes case:
Some barrettes:

J likes the football one the best. I thought the colors were good. She can wear it with her OSU gear or her Giants gear. I have to make a green one also for her Jets gear!

Baby gifts

For an upcoming baby shower, I made a series of gifts all with a cute non gender specific monkey fabric that I purchased early on in my preganancy. I love this little set. It includes a taggie blanket, a burp cloth, a diaper/wipes case, a pair of booties and a bib. Hopefully the new mommy will like it. Want me to make one for a little one that you know...just let me know. It was a fun set to make!

T-Shirt Quilt

Here is the T-shirt quilt I made with my shirts from training/running for the marathon last year. I had been saving them in hopes that Ammi would make me a quilt, but in the end, I thought I could do one myself and I did. Hers would have looked a lot better, but I am proud of my first try at something this big!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Video tour of Nursery

Here is a tour of the nursery...

Photo Tour of the Nursery

Walking into the nursery. The tall dresser is on the left and my rocking chair that I got from my birthday... The crib with the monkey hooks hung from the tall dresser.

The crib and the small dresser. The afghan that Debbie, Mary and Beth made for me hung over the side.
The view of the entire room...

Its small space but we have everything we need in this small space. Now we just need our baby to live in this space. One more week until my due date :)

Keeping Busy

So I found this tutorial about changing T-shirts to Newborn gowns and thought...we don't have any t-shirts left that we could do this with, but I thought they were incredibly cute. Then I thought about how we have no OSU gear for this baby and thought that the local Goodwill would have plenty of OSU shirts that would be perfect for this. So that is exactly what I did. I bought three OSU shirts and a Yankee shirt (because although we have some of those already, you can never have enough Yankee gear). After making the first four gowns, J thought they were so cute that he felt he had to give a shirt to my craft and thus the Goonies gown was made. Enjoy the pics and let me know if you want me to make one for a baby near you...just send me a shirt :)

Oh yea, and I made our little one her Christmas PJ pants. I don't know why the pattern made the pant legs so wide...They will look like a cute skort :)