Monday, October 18, 2010

I did it!

> So I did it....I have not nursed my daughter since Thursday morning. Two Fridays ago (i think although the days are fuzzy) I stopped nursing Her during the day. As you know we were very routine based so it was before her nap. I offered her milk in a sippy cup and she took a few sips but then realized it was a substitute and not happy. I will have to admit, tho first two days were tough. I had to put her to sleep by letting her cry it out. Not fun! By the third day my mom was able to put her down without any crying and the rest of the week went well. We read a book and snuggle with her blanket and I can now put her down awake and I don't hear a peep.
> I was going to start evening weaning earlier this week but she was sick and not herself so I decided to hold off. She was feeling great on Wednesday afternoon so Joe and I decided that we should start Thursday night. We chose Thursday specifically so that we had the weekend to work together and in hopes that by Sunday when Joe wouldn't be here for bedtime that I could put her down without nursing. Thursday night was ok, she cried for a few minutes. Friday she went to bed ok, but she woke up around midnight and had a hard time going back to bed without nursing. It took until about 1:30. Saturday was HELL. She was so needy and was so grumpy all day. We did learn some things. She woke up upset and we fed her immediately. This helped. This morning we fed her as soon as she woke up and it helped with her mood. We also learned that not nursing has increased her already large appetite. Tonight, I put her to bed and all went well. She didn't even root. In place of nursing I sing her a song.
> So it's been since Thursday morning, so I would say I'm done. No, I'm not sad. In fact I'm happy and relieved that I made it this long. It was good while it lasted and I'm glad I did it, but I'm also thrilled to be done!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The move is done

Blogging will begin again as soon as I have internet but for now... The move is done, boxes still need to be unpacked and rooms still need to be painted. We are all getting used to life in the south.