Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally what we were looking for

After a drive that took quite awhile, we made it to Oia and had a chance to stroll the streets and shops and we are now sitting and watching the sunset. This is the town we were expecting in greece.

By the pool

I took some time to run back to our hotel to cool off by the pool. The pool was cold but it felt really nice!

Perissa beach

Here I am sitting on the black sand beaches of Perissa Beach, Santorini, Greece. Not a bad way to start the day and week 31 of pregnancy. Today we will tool around the island and take more photos...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Athens in a day...check

Right now we are on a ferry to Santorini but yesterday we used our time to see Athens.
We hit the ground running by going straight to the Acropolis. Its up on a hill and there is no easy way up but your two feet. The joke was that I found every water fountain along the path and didn't miss any toilets either. Despite some of the scaffolding it was beautiful. We took tons of pictures and were true tourists.
From there we went to the new Acropolis museum which is built above an excavation site and has plexiglass floors so you can see below you. It was quite interesting to see the plans for the reconstruction of the parathonon (I apologize if I spelled that wrong).
We then went to the Temple of Zeus which has only a few columns remaining and then through the Plaka neighborhood - the oldest neighborhood in Athens.
Our plan was to go around the backside of the Acropolis to the Agora. Much of this area is in runs but there were few buildings that have either been reconstructed or preserved in a way. We got to Agora at 730 and reminded repeatedly that it closed at 8. It was some fast sightseeing since it was a large area.
We finished off the evening by a walk along the Grand Promenade and watched the Acropolis change many colors as the sun set. As darkness set in we traveled the two metro stops back to our hotel.
For me it was a night of sleep that was much like many I think Ill experience once the baby comes. I was able to fall asleep but for some reason I woke up and spent the next few hours lying there awake. I finally fell asleep again at about 4 only to have our 5AM wake up call remind me it was time to get ready for our next adventure. Santorini hopes to be more low key and more enjoying the environment...not trying to get everything in like we did Athens.
Based on our tour books the only thing we didn't see that I wanted to was the changing of the guard. We kept missing it by 10 min. There were a lot of streets known for shopping and same markets we didn't go to but neither of us came to Greece to shop.
Because we got all of Athens done in a day we will be trying foe the Saturday flight home not Sunday since that one looks like we both have a better shot of making it. Pictures of Athens to be added later. Now a 5 hour boat ride and hopes of a nap.
Love and kisses to all we miss....E

We made it

After a three hour forgetting my phoneon the plane they deboarded us from, neither of us sleeping great although we both liked the movies we saw (Cristina watched He's just not that into you and I saw Grand tourino), then Cristina forgetting her GRE book on the plane, an hour long bus ride from the airport, and then she almost left her purse on the bus...we finally made it to our hotel. Its European nice, not great. The AC only has an on/off switch, no temp adjustment and Athens is HOT. Good thing we bought our ferry tickets. We leave at 715 AM for Santorini so today we need to get into the city and get some sightseeing done!

Monday, July 20, 2009

On the plane :)

We are on the plane and flying the only way Cristina will travel to Europe...Business Class. I could get used to this. Blackie will be more comfortable this way too!

Off to Greece

30 weeks and 6 days pregnant and today I leave for Greece with my friend Cristina. Can't wait to share pictures and daily events.