Sunday, October 12, 2008

One week away

I can't believe that one week from today I will have (should have) completed my first marathon. Thats only seven days away. So one of the more important things to a runner, the thing that they have no control over is the weather. According to, Sunday's weather here is Columbus is supposed to be:

NE 7 mph
Max. Humidity:
7:47 AM ET

I can live with that! I will be starting to run before sunrise - the race starts at 7:30 AM.

Now I just need to get to bed early this week, drink lots of water and be sure not to hurt myself!

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Miss Gallery Place said...

good luck gal! You'll do fantastic! Have fun with it and when you get down and discouraged..."just keep running"

(think like in Finding Nemo with just keep swimming. Trust me it works ;) )