Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Post Marathon News

So I finished! My actual chip time was 5:43 (very proud of myself for my first marathon). I was hoping for 5:30, but in all actuality, based on my half marathon and 20 mile results, that was right on target. I was doing great (under a 12:00 pace) for the first 13 miles, but it was just a long hard road up past campus and I lost a lot of time in the second half. All of my body parts are intact. No need to go to an orthopedist or a chiropractor (I think). So those are things I can be proud of.

Another other goal of mine that were met was that I beat Heidi at Life in Pink (I did not post a link to her blog b/c I don't really want her to know that was one of my goals). I read her blog and usually enjoy it, but one time when relating some info. to her about running in Connecticut she was snotty with me about my advice so it became a secret goal of mine to beat her and I did by ten minutes so that was a little inner battle that I won. I never posted that goal, in case I didn't beat her-no one would know I had failed, but I had told a few friends.

As for running another marathon - no, I don't think I am doing another one. Its not that fun to have your body ache in those ways. I am glad to say I've done it and I will miss the schedule and the camaraderie that comes with the training group, but I really think I am just done. I would like to run 5Ks and such and maybe work to improve those times, but I will let that be a spring/summer thing. Its just to cold and it gets dark to early to continue this schedule and training. I will consider a sprint distance triathlon though. Now I just need to get in a pool and start swimming again.

On another note about the weekend, the night before the event I went to a Team in Training pasta party that helped to put things into perspective. Life isn't about things, its better to give than receive and its so important to share what you have with others. My family surprised me by coming to the event. They all put up a fight in different ways to make the weekend special for us as a family and to ensure that they were there for me. It made such a difference and I am so thankful for every mile that my mom and sister were there screaming their heads off for me. Their voices gave me the extra strength to get me to the finish.

Again, thank you to all those that supported me. I love you all! Pictures will follow in a few days - FYI my laptop is in the process of being fixed so I that is why my posts are infrequent.

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