Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Planting

We started an herb garden last summer and loved it. We just grew your run of the mill herbs and some tomato plants. We also grew some arugula, and although we both felt it was a bit "peppery" for a salad full of the stuff, we loved having our own fresh lettuce. We ate a lot more salad. So this year, we wanted to make sure we got some lettuce also. Here's our "All Star lettuce." I hope it grows! Right now it looks a bit weak:

This afternoon we went up to Grandview and did our spring garden shopping. We bought flowers, herbs, tomatoes and lettuce. When we got home J said he didn't think we would have time to get all the planting done before it started to rain. We first did the flower pots:

Notice the plant closest to you is not a flower (yet). It is what is called a citronella geranium. Its a natural mosquito repellent. It smells totally like citronella (its really strong).

After I finished planting those, it still hadn't rained yet, so I planted the tomatoes:

I know they don't look like much yet but soon I should have multiple tomatoes to make one of my favorite summer salads - tomatoes mozzarella and basil. So of course I planted some fest basil (we got 3 plants because we love this stuff so much). Come August we will be begging people to take this stuff because it grows like a weed:

Here is one side of the herb garden:

Finally, I planted the rest of the flowers, watered everything and put some of the compost juice (as J refers to it - hot garbage) from the can of worms (I'll post about that some other time) and in I came.

Its still not raining and we don't get the Yankees v. Mets game here in OH so, I am going to go on and watch some episodes of Ugly Betty that for some reason are just not Tivoing. We also need to go spend some time upstairs watching Lost, but its paper time for J. He loves that time and doesn't like to be disturbed.

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