Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday was GREAT! Sunday was pretty darn good also. Monday though had its ups and downs. J slept in (the only day all weekend I let him) and I played around on Facebook and talked to my mom and sis. Once he awoke we decided that we needed to tackle the ever growing number of dishes in the sink (both sinks were full and we were being lazy). We opened the dishwasher to find it never drained. We emptied the dishwasher and began to try to siphon the water out to diagnose the problem. We found a broken wine glass and thought that the shards of glass were the cause of the problem. Running and re-running the dishwasher proved fruitless. The dishwasher wasn't draining and J and I had both sucked in too much nasty water through the drain tube to continue. We did successfully wash all the dishes because although it doesn't drain, it still washes.

During one of the attempts to get the dishes clean, J and I took a ride up to The Hills Market because of a post from Sopressata. We bought a ton of stuff. J was most excited to find real bagels - honest to goodness looked like bagels from home - bagels. We also got some Walleye fillets, mussels, cheese, wine, beer, liquor and a small amount of morels. Yes, I know a little of everything. We then stopped to get movies b/c tonight was a free redbox rental night and went home to continue to tackle the dishwasher.

After deeming the dishwasher needed a professional (I will call about it tomorrow - until a repairman can come out I think I will be filling it, running it and then siphoning the leftover water because I just can't bear to wash dishes by hand.

We then made the morels. I have read about them on the many blogs I read. I know that it is coming to an end of morel season, so I had to try them. Here is what we did. Just a simple recipe. First we melted some butter and olive oil in a cast-iron skillet:

Then added the morels:Kept stirring them:

until they were good and sauteed:

then plated them with some salt and pepper:

We both agreed they had a great earthy taste that would be great in a soup (albeit a very expensive soup). I have about as much that I haven't yet cooked so I will think of a new way to cook them later this week.

For dinner, we weren't totally hungry so we took out the cheeses that we bought and had one of my favorite dinners - a wine and cheese dinner. This is something that has taken J a few years to appreciate. But now he sure love a good stinky cheese, a creamy goat cheese and some fig compote for dinner, accompanied by a nice bottle of wine. I know this was the second time we had cheese this weekend, but its a holiday and two of the cheeses we had were leftovers, so its all good....

We watched Sweeny Todd - J didn't want to watch it and felt even more duped when he realized it was a musical. Although it was rather dark, it was a good story with some great actors. Glad I watched it, but I won't watch it again. J also rented and is going to watch National Treasure 2, but until then, he's happily playing Guitar Hero.

J's going to AC for a golf tourney from Thursday night to Sunday night, so if you have any movie recommendations for me, they are more than welcome. I'm thinking - No Reservations, PS I Love You...any others?

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Beth & Tim said...

I vote for PS I Love You...but only if you are up for a good hearty cry.

Also if you haven't seen Juno, we watched it this weekend and it is a good flick as well.