Thursday, May 29, 2008



Yes, I know I am shouting. It is because I am that happy. I passed the Praxis exam that I need to get my Ohio teacher certification. But I didn't just pass, I rocked! I got 192 out of a possible 200 points. Oh, yea! I am just that good. I know, I've taken this test before (or at least one really close to it in CT and did well), but that time I knew I would pass. This time I was a bit more worried because I haven't taken a teaching class in like 5 years. I guess it just proves that I am a good teacher, not just a well educated one.

Now I need to write my big $110 check and start sending out my resumes again - gosh, I hate that process! Hopefully I will get a job soon and be done with all the interviewing/looking. I really am hopeful! What an optimist I am...

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Beth & Tim said...

Congratulations :-)