Saturday, May 24, 2008

The best day in CBUS yet

So Memorial Day weekend always sneaks up on me. Its not that I don't know its coming, as a teacher, it is always the reminder that report cards are due soon and the kids are officially checked out after this last vacation day. Its that I always have a good time and I never have any wild and crazy plans.

This Memorial Day weekend started off that same way. After walking the dog and returning an only OK movie ("...Before the Devil Knows You're Dead") I came home to a great surprise. My BFF Marci had driven down from Cleveland to surprise me. She only stayed for a few hours so we didn't do much, but it was so nice to have a face from home in our home.

We went to Target - her idea, not mine. Then had lunch at the North Market, so Marci could get some Vietnamese and her BF could get something not Vietnamese. Then we walked to Jeni's for some ice cream and ate it on the back patio.

Then Marci and her BF were back to Cleveland and it was only 2PM. So what do you do at 2PM on an absolutely beautiful day? You pack up the lawn chairs, throw on a tank top, and get Bear ready for some park time.

J, Bear and I enjoyed some much needed sun and fun. I got to read some People magazines, J played with the dog and then we played some catch. It was a fabulous way to spend 3 hours on a Saturday. J loves catch, more than he loves beer (see he is growing up) and now that we have a "chuck-it" I can satisfy his catch desires as only Figa used to be able to. I also got to satisfy some of my barefoot desires.

Bear happily enjoyed being the "monkey-pants" in the middle during our game of catch.

J said it was his favorite way to spend a Saturday. A combination of finishing a book he loved, playing catch, and even reliving some childhood mischief with the Pop-Its. He never did get to the NY Times, but that was his choice, not the lack of time.

You'd think that was all, but no! We then went to a great gourmet market we had both heard good things about - Weiland's, bought some beer, cheese, wine and pre-made burgers.

We had a great night cooking them up on the grill. See it was a fabulous day filled with no real fireworks, but total satisfaction!Tomorrow we will venture off for a hike in Hocking Hills. I have to remember to charge my camera for that adventure! Can't wait! We were also invited to a BBQ at a our next door to our next door neighbors. We really do live here.

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