Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rainy Days....Gotta Love 'Em

So as much as I dreaded my alarm this morning at ten to six, I pressed snooze a few to many times and dragged myself out to run by 6:30. I had a nice 6 mile run planned and it was a cooler than normal morning here in the capital city. It was cooler than normal, because last night it rained - HARD! Lightning that lit up our bedroom and thunder that shook the house - J of course slept through it all.

After my run that I happily finished in 70 minutes (and I ran it all happily), I took Bear to the park for our 2 mile morning walk, and now I am happily sitting on the couch, drinking my coffee and playing on the Internet. I might even break out some of the scrap booking things later this morning. I have nothing else to do.

Laundry is done, sheets are new (as of Saturday), floor was mopped on Thursday (although I could vacuum again), I could clean the bathrooms before our trip, but hey, why have all our fun now. I should save some for later. And what makes me happiest of all, is I don't have to make dinner! Maxwell's parents have invited us over for steak and corn (boy Ohio corn is awesome!) as a thank you for babysitting him last week. YEA - happy me!

BTW - the bedroom disaster is not quite over, the new rail split on J yesterday when he went to put on his sneakers. Not happy! It will take 3-4 weeks before the new part (luckily under warranty) will arrive. UGH!

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