Friday, August 1, 2008

Bedroom crisis averted

So yesterday while Maxwell was over for his day long play date, J sat on our bed to wrestle with the dogs. Then you heard a snap, a crack and then a pop and Joe was now on the bed still, but the bed was on the floor. Oh crap I thought. Not my precious bed! Why can't anything go right? Do we always have to have something broken?

So it was the metal hook on the rails that had somehow snapped off. Upon further inspection, we think that the many moves and the movers doing crappy jobs at putting our bed back together, that might have caused the problem. Needless to say, I was not happy.

So I called Broyhill, the maker of our bed, immediately spoke to a very kind customer service person who explained who I needed to call and what I had to ask for. Then I called Kittle's, they had the part in stock, we could pick it up immediately, and it was less than $100.

So today we picked up the piece, took apart our bed. Re-secured everything, tightened everything down, firmed everything up, put new sheets on and off we went. J laid down on it and loved it. He thought it was better than ever. Crisis averted and fixed...Happy me!

PS - I also got my power tool fix for the day by using the drill to screw the supports into the rails - I love power tools!

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