Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dinner with my grandma's cousin

So tonight we went out to Granville and had dinner with my Grandma's cousin Nancy (AKA Kate). She took us on a tour of Granville, a very cute town that we walked through, then through the Dennison University Campus and finally into Newark to see the main street and the courthouse.

Back at her house her hubby grilled steak and salmon which she made a salad with a beautiful heirloom tomato, and corn. She also put out a goat cheese that she poured some mango chutney on and then melted in the microwave for 15 seconds. Very simple but very tasty. Finally for dessert we had vanilla custard with homemade Cherry Jubilee. VERY TASTY!!!

Finally we sat and did a lot of chit chatting about family. It was nice to finally meet her... maybe next time we will do tea...

Stay tuned, tomorrow we are going to the Ohio State Fair so look for pics of butter sculptures, swine races and J and I stuffing ourselves in fried fair food and loving it!

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