Monday, August 11, 2008

Nashville, TN

So for our summer vacation we took a trip down to Nashville, TN for a long weekend. We aren't huge country fans - frankly J hates country but we went anyway. We ate a ton of great food and experienced some of the things you just had to see in Nashville. We also got to drive through Kentucky - a first for me. There is no need to go back - its pretty boring! Here is a recap of our trip in photos:J loved these motorcycles...the cruisersThe corn at the gas station we stopped atDinner Thursday night at Watermark. That's the Nashville skyline in the background.Our first big Nashville landmark, the Ryman AuditoriumWe didn't sing on stage, but J did play a littleWe stopped for drinks and listened to some music. Too bad J doesn't like or know any country music.A few humorous shots from around the bar...The Wildhorse Saloon was closed for a private partyDinner on Saturday at LimeAmos Lee in concert - my third time and I still love the guyThe porch of the Belle Meade plantationJ just likes the rocking chairOur visit to the Opryland Hotel...the Disneyland of TennesseeThis is one of those living statue ladies except instead of being gold or silver, she is dressed like vines and has extended limbs. She was very cool - remember this is inside the hotel - think the mall area of Cesar's Palace in Vegas.This is the waterfall and we are at the bar that rotates within the atrium at the Opryland hotel.Then I convinced J that we really needed to take in a show at the Grand Ole Opry. A Nashville tradition. Don't ask who any other these people are. I didn't know any of them, except the girl at the end. You should all recognize her."Giddyup - Rawhide"Your American Idol winner - Carrie Underwood. J hoped she would sing the Heart song she sang in American Idol, but much to our dismay she only sang songs from her albums - none of which we knew. She was so real though. During commercials she shook hands with fans and signed autographs. One fan even gave her a poster and she joked that she didn't have pockets so she didn't have a pen and someone lent one to her. She even posed for a few pictures for people in the front rows as she walked offstage at the end.

At that ended Saturday night. Sunday was an awesome brunch at Margot's and then the 6 hour drive home. Now I just enjoy my last few days as an unemployed person, because I got a job....oh yea - just not as a teacher - so sad :(

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Slice of Pink said...

I so want to go on a trip! I've only been to the Nashville airport, but would love to have a few days to visit!