Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Perfect Partner and a Cloudy Day

These two things make for a day of successful running. Today was our 5 mile run. We ran along the Heritage Rail Trail in Hilliard. I was worried that we wouldn't get the run in because at 5:30 in the morning there were severe thunderstorms that made it so we lost power. I was able to reset my clock and the storms cleared in time for us to run in a cooler, cloudier morning.

I also found my perfect running partner. He forced me not to give up and walk and I think I pushed him to keep running as well. We weren't too fast and kept a fairly even pace. We finished 5 miles in exactly one hour. That's a good 12 minute mile pace. I know, you runners say that's slow, but I am proud of that! Needless to say, I ran the entire 5 miles (the most I've run thus far) and it motivated me to continue this week.

On another note - we got back in the hot tub today. The temp. is only at 85 degrees so J will go in with me. Its was NICE!


Ashley said...

5 miles!! Whoohoo! who cares how fast or slow you ran!? It's FIVE MILES!

Also - am jealous that you have a running partner. A guy, no less! My hubby runs like 7.5 min/mile. Stupid fast boy. :-P

eatrunliveCBUS said...

My hubby doesn't even run so its amazing that I am running with anyone. It founf my partner because I am running with team in training for the LLS.