Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My partner is injured

Tonight I ran the Circle of Friends 5K. I arrived with only a few minutes until start and it took me a bit but I found my partner and a few other TNT runners. So we got off to a bit of a fast start. We made it to mile 1 in less than 11 minutes (granted it was downhill). We went in the neighborhood of the New Albany CC. Now I finally know what everyone has been talking about, although I would never want to live that far out, its a nice community and I am sure its a great place to raise kids

Ok, back to the race...at mile 2, my partner stopped to start walking. I know he has knee problems and the run had been surprisingly harder on him than I would have thought. I wasn't ready to walk so I left him. I crossed the finish at 36 minutes even and at 40 minutes my buddy still wasn't behind me. His wife was a bit worried, but not as worried. I walked back to find him at the 3 mile mark, feeling very down on himself.

He didn't want his picture taken, his time recorded, or the day to be remembered. This made me sad. Selfishly because I am worried I've lost the perfect partner and unselfishly because he's hurting so bad and I can't help him. So sad :( Back to running by myself....

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