Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a wonderful weekend

So this weekend started off a bit rocky. My in laws were in town and our little one started off not her normal happy self. This put me on edge and I decided that Joe and I needed to take our sleep deprived selves on a break from our little one. So we went out for a very nice dinner and reenacted what life was like before she was born. Again, she didn't sleep well on Friday night but we had some help on Saturday morning so we both got to sleep in.

Saturday started with a good morning nap and then we were off to the zoo. We weren't the only ones as I heard the attendance was over 15,000 and the traffic reflected this. Munchers (Joe's nickname for her) was great as we took a long detour to avoid the traffic. Once in the zoo she hung out for a bit in the stroller and then enjoyed the rest of the day in the carrier.

Saturday night was a bit tense. Joe and I decided that since we had help, it was time to work on sleep training. She spent a lot of diner crying in her crib as she was going down to sleep as well as normal. Then she was up every hour or so from 9 to midnight. Then around 2:30 she was up again. And we again tried the Ferber method. Joe and I each only needed to go in once until she was able to fall back asleep. She didn't wake up again until 6. This made me happy.

Sunday I got enjoy some solo errand running - target, Joann's, game stop for Joe....so nothing crazy, but so nice to go by myself! And then yesterday we got the garden all planted - this year I planted corn, carrots, Brussel sprouts, red peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, beans, peas, and my normal herbs (the strawberries are already growing). Needless to say...it was a busy few productive days, but nice all the same.

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