Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weed prevention

So this year my mother in law let me in on a little I can prevent weeds in my little city garden. We use this little space to grow herbs, tomatoes and something else. Last year it was lettuce. This year it is peppers.

So here is the secret....newspaper and mulch. The pathway between the herbs and the tomatoes is small but a lot of weeds grow in that small space! So what I did was lay down multiple layers of newspaper underneath my stepping stones, hose those down, and then layer it with mulch. It was pretty easy. I just hope it works. Joe says it looks pretty professional. What do you think?

Hopefully if and when we get to sell this house this will help. A few other outdoor projects left ahead of us. I also put sand in the cracks in the patio to prevent weeds there. But that photo isn't as pretty :)

Some of the other outdoor projects include:
- powerwashing the outdoor kitchen and deck
- cleaning the grill
- cleaning out the outdoor fridge
- replacing the canopy
- replacing the hot tub cover
- replace the lattice that the dog and Joe destroyed playing hockey
- and a really ambitious one: painting the deck and the front deck

Ok, that has nothing to do with weeds. Just wanted to put it in print so we don't forget

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