Monday, April 5, 2010

My Awesome Present

Let me take a minute from my normal baby blog posting to tell you about this awesome Easter present that Joe got me, actually he got himself one also so it should be he got us. He bought us both iPads! How cool is that?

I had mentioned after our trip to Hawaii that I might want a Kindle or a Nook at some point. He then said I'm surprised you don't want an iPad. Well it wasn't even on my radar. After watching the episode of Modern Family where he blows out his iPad birthday cake it intrigued me. We can't/don't have iPhones because we have Verizon and can't switch (long story, not worth posting about ever).

Saturday we watched the Today Show segment on the iPad and it got me even more interested. While out on Saturday we went to Easton where the Apple store is, not to get the iPad, mainly to do other stuff. I suggested we go to the Apple store and check them out, reluctantly Joe went with me. After waiting for a few 8 year old to stop playing games on them, we took our turn. We were both instantly in love. I knew Joe wanted to get one for himself and since he just got his bonus and had done well this year I convinced him to get himself one. Never did I thunk he would buy two!

So since Saturday we have been playing and downloading and transferring as much as we can. It certainly is fun. It won't replace my laptop because it can't do everything (like right now it won't send email) but it is a super fun toy for me! Thanks again Joe. I love it!

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