Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Loving life

So Joe is not as worried as I am about keeping our daughter as clean as I do during meals. If it falls out f her mouth that is what the bib is for. Tonight I cooked and Joe fed....good thing a bath came shortly after. We did give her the spoon to play with and that brought some entertainment. She was good at dropping it and trying to figure out how to get t herself. It is fun to watch her problem solve such a task.
We are loving this weather. Eating outside. Sitting in short sleeves and no socks. Can't wait for summer to really be here!


HarmSkills said...

my son needs a bath after every meal. and we need to dustbust. and antibacterial wipe. sometimes i need an outfit change and a shower. its a situation

AtHomeMom said...

i have give up on the kepping clean during meals...i just came back from the park where my daughter devoured a whole banana (well whatever part wasn't left on her clothes and in her stroller). For dinner she literally goes from the high chair into the bathtub, so that's when I really just let her be messy (and sometimes eat without a shirt on).