Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six Months Old

I can't believe that my little one is six months old already. She has had a lot of firsts already. She has had her first plane ride, plus two others. She has had her first solid foods - rice cereal, oatmeal, avocado and acorn squash. She has had her first night with someone besides mommy putting her to sleep - thanks Nana Hooke! She has rolled over many times - in fact, its like she won't stay on her back anymore. She has had her first visit to urgent care. I was worried she had an ear infection - but really she was cranky from poor sleeping and a slight cold.

There are many other things she has not done yet. She still can't really sit all by herself. She still has no teeth. She still is not crawling, cruising or any forward or backward movement of any kind yet - just rolling. She is still not sleeping through the night, although she is only eating once which is a big improvement.

She has met most of her cousins, my cousins and her daddy's cousins. She is keeping quite busy. We have started music classes weekly, signed up for weekly swimming classes, we have a weekly playgroup, a weekly stroller aerobics class and usually thrown in there is some meet up with either Ally & Hud or Sara & Jack or one of her other many friends.

She is loving her daddy and all the ways he makes her giggle - he is the best at it. All in all, six months is a good time. She is fun to be around, fairly independent and incredibly happy. All she does is smile - especially at new people and her smile is from ear to ear and warms my heart. Here is to another great second half of the year!

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HarmSkills said...

cheers to that! what a great 6 months its been. sounds like K is doing great!