Monday, April 6, 2009

$161 Million

Ok, so I know that I haven't posted in forever. I didn't have much to write about and when I did have something to write I didn't have the time. So here is my return post...

Today is opening day for the Yankees. They are playing against the not so great Orioles. They have a lot to live up to the cross-town rivals - the Mets having won their first game already. So how does the game start...So far the Yankees are down 6-1. How did the Orioles get 6 runs already? I was asking myself that same question considering that on the mound is our newest ace - CC Sabathia. This is a man that the Yankees have signed a $161 million contract.

I am not going to explain how each run scored, just that the sixth run was walked in to a left hand hitter. This is not July when Sabathia is tired and overworked, or the ninth when he has been in forever. It is the fifth inning. He should be fresh and on top of things. Not walking in runs on the first game of the year.

Needless to say, Joe Girardi finally pulled him and on the very next batter the Yankees got a double play to end the inning. That is the Yankees I know.

Then, the Yankees I know are starting to show who they really are - Posada leads off the top of the sixth with a home run and the next batter walks and the third batter of the inning hits an RBI double.

I am excited that baseball has started and am looking forward to see the Yankees living up to what they can be. Sabathia especially needs to come out a bit stronger and they need to come together like the teams of the late 90s. The season will carry me through my pregnancy and that will be exciting for me to experience.

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